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Sausage Salad in Banana Flower

This exotic recipe is from Tailand and we found it in:
Yum Sai Grok hua plee - Banana flower salad recipe

 Smoke Sausage (cocktail)  100 grams
 Banana flower sliced  1 scoop (Hand full)
 Thai red Onions  1 Table spoon
Crushed Peanuts  2 tablespoons
 boiled egg sliced for topping garnish
 Chilli Paste - The type cooked in oil  2 Tablespoons
 Lemon Juice  2 Tablespoons
 Fish Sauce  2 Tablespoons
 White Sugar  2 Tablespoons
 Green Chilli - lightly crushed to full flavour  5 chilli
 Soup stock - Chicken  2 Tablespoons
 Coconut Cream  2 Tablespoons

 1). Slice bannana flower like Onion ring size and cover with lemon juice to stop discolouring like on would with an apple.
 2). Put sausages like hotdos in boiling water and heat. Remove and dry.
 3). Mix all ingredents on a boil and then take a outer petal of the flower and use as a basket and fill with salad and garnish with egg. Serve

Eileen's Spring Flower Salad©
Eileen O'dea

To serve 4,you will need:

4 cups salad greens, your choice PICTURE 1 small red onion, sliced thin 1 small cucumber, sliced ½ inch thick 6 to 8 white mushrooms 2 large sweet peppers, sliced in julienne style ½ pint grape tomatoes ¼ cup Chive blossoms, individual flowers separated ¼ cup Sweet Rocket blossoms ¼ cup Meadow Crainsbill blossoms 5 large Pansies 1/8 cup Sweet Violets

On two separate platters place, salad greens and other ingredients arranged attractively. Serve immediately as flowers will wilt if left too long. Provide several light salad dressings.





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