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Rose Omelette

*Here is a beautiful breakfast for special occasions or special guests. The roses don't seem to add any flavor of their own, but they do give a lovely color to the dish. As a hint to the diner, sprinkle a few whole, unblemished rose petals on the plate before serving.

You Will Need:

The petals from one large, red, preferably fragrant rose; reserve a few for garnish
Two eggs
One tablespoon butter
Salt and fresh clipped chives
Soft cheese, such as brie, gouda, gruyere, etc for filling

How To:

--Melt butter in a nonstick pan or omelette pan over medium low heat.
--Add all but a few rose petals, the cracked eggs and seasonings to a blender. Process on low until the petals are very fine.
--Pour into pan, reduce heat a little, cover and cook until set. Add cheese to center, fold over and slide onto plate. Sprinkle with reserved petals and serve.

Herbal Jelly

Very easy and very tasty, this recipe is great for a care package. Also good to have on hand for special dinners or for brightening up the menu on cold, dreary winter days.

Especially Good Herbs to Use:
Chamomile Flowers (delicate, apple-honey flavor, good on toast or fruit or cheese)
Peppermint, or other mints (try cooking peas in chicken stock, then adding mint jelly! )
Sage (Good on Meats, especially pork and chicken)
Scented Geraniums
Lemony Herbs, such as lemon verbena, lemon balm, lemon thyme, etc.
Rosemary---another good one for meats, beef included
You Will Need:

Jars of Apple Jelly
Fresh Herb Leaves or Flowers
Large, deep pot of boiling water and Tongs
Small Saucepan

How To:

1. Empty contents of one jar of apple jelly into saucepan. Heat over medium until melted and barely bubbling. Meanwhile, wash jar and lid and place in boiling water to keep sterile.
2. When jelly is well melted, remove jar from water and place a few herb leaves or flowers in bottom. Strength of flavor will be determined by how many you use. Experimentation is the only way to know how you like it best.
3. Pour hot jelly over herbs in jar. Retrieve hot lid from boiling water and screw on quickly.
4. Replace filled jar in boiling water and process for 10 minutes.
5. Best kept in refridgerator, just in case, but should do okay in the pantry. Always use your sniffer before you eat something home processed! Should be aged for at least four weeks for best flavor.





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