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Recipes with Aquatic plants (Introduction)

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Nelumbo nucifera- Lotus- Water Lily

Ipomoea aquatica -Water Spinach

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Elaeocharis Dulcis - Chinese Water Chestnut

Aponogeton distachyos -  Cape Pondweed

Acorus calamus - Sweet Flag
Typha latifolia- Cattail

In addition to edible flowers you may want to have a new experience by tasting edible Aquatic or Semi-Aquatic plants.

About now, you might be asking yourself, "Well, this is nice, but what is an aquatic plant?". Aquatic plants, or hydrophytes, comprise those species of plants that are physiologically bound to the water to complete their life cycles. Aquatic plants can be either submerged, floating-leaved, or emergent.

Many gardens already have ponds in them and, indeed, will probably contain several of the plants mentioned above. Even a very small pond has great potential for food production and any pond adds significantly to the ability of a garden to support a wide range of wildlife.

Historically humans have also utilized aquatic plants as a food source. Cattails have edible shoots and roots and even the pollen has been used in making biscuits. Arrowheads form large edible tubers at the root ends, called duck potatoes, which were consumed by Native Americans. Watercress (Rorippa nasturtium-aquaticum) has many historic medicinal uses and its spicy vegetation continues to be used in salads and garnishes. Water lily roots are a common source of food in many parts of the world especialy in Far East and have historic medicinal value. 

Obviously you can't eat every aquatic plant. Some of  them are very toxic. You can grow your own edible water garden or to collect wild plants from your region. There are an endless number of aquatic plants that are not only edible, but extremely nutritious and great fun for you to collect and prepare.

However some interesting recipes with Edible Aquatic Plants have been collected by our team. You can find them following the links on the right.

Bon Appetite!







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