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Edible Flowers include 2


Marigolds some better than others especially pot marigold and Tagetes varieties including "Mexican Tarragon" with its very nice aniseed tarragon flavour.
Sweet Woodruff ( Usually used in drinks - dried it has a wonderful vanilla fragrance.)
Orange blossoms
Osmanthus fragrans "Sweet Olive" ( used in tea in China )
Passionflower (attractive garnish, some varieties make a soothing tea)
Peach blossoms
Plum blossoms
Robinia pseudoacacia: the flowers can be immersed in a mix of flour, egg
Rose petals  (Old Centifolia or modern fragrant roses eg Mr. Lincoln are best)
Sage (salvia officinalis) also Clary Sage , Sage Pineapple and Fruity Sage
Society Garlic (Tulbaghia)
Squash blossoms
Tansy (often used in Elizabethan times, but either my cooking is bad or they were desperate)
Honey locust: the flowers are a delicious addition to a salad or make wonderful fritters when dipped in batter and deep fat fried.

Attention! Are not all the flowers edible

  Something very important to know is that ONLY the flowers on some of these plants should be eaten, as other parts may be at least mildly toxic might save someone some discomfort if not more serious consequences.

  It's obviously vital to know which flowers are edible and which are toxic. Poisonous flowers include lily-of-the-valley, bleeding heart, buttercup, iris, calla lily, narcissus or daffodil, lupine, petunia, sweet pea, monkshood, periwinkle, rhododendron and azalea, oleander, delphinium, clematis, foxglove, hellebore, wisteria and crocus.





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