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How to make a wreath

Wreath Making Materials
Use a Grapevine Wreath as a wreath base. These can be purchased in many sizes, or made yourself from long vines clipped from your yard (twist and lay vines into a circular container (such as a trash can) for several weeks until they dry out.)

Preserved Leaves
Real leaves that are treated and preserved. They remain flexible and are available in many colors and varities, and will keep for many years.

Silk Garland
Artificial leaf garlands available in many colors and lengths.

Paper Ribbon
Often sold in rolls of coiled ribbon. To use, gently untwist and open the ribbon.

Floral Picks
A selection of fall floral picks available from craft stores. These are inexpensive plastic, but you can make your own from clusters of wheat, pinecones, dried flowers, and other materials, wired together into a small bunch.

More Floral Decorations
A selection of copper and metal toned fall floral picks that could decorate a fall or winter wreath.

Other items
Floral wire, pipe cleaners, floral picks, and ribbon for bows. Floral wire is sold either in paks of long straight wire or on paddles, and is available in many sizes. Thinner wire is more flexible and will twist more tightly.






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