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Latex flower introduction

Floral designers say it's now OK to use fake flowers in arrangements, rather than tripping out to the garden to gather fresh blossoms each morning. Of course, these are not the stiff plastic flowers of the past, but flowers made from latex, which "have changed the industry drastically in the past years.

If you are not familiar with Latex Flowers, we would like to give you some information. Latex flowers are a higher quality, much richer looking, and in most cases a more realistic looking artificial flower than Silk Flowers. Many times latex arrangements are mistaken for being made from real flowers.

Florar factories in Asia have highly skilled floral artists that make special Parchment Paper molds for each design and then cover them with latex. They are then sun dried in the tropical sun of Southeast Asia. All of the components are carefully put together using wire, glue and wrapping paper. Latex flowers are produced virtually any color or combination of colors you would want.

"Floral designers say: "The petals are so much softer and easier to arrange." Neither are they interested in giving us an inferiority complex, unlike the author of a recent "gracious living" article who gushed, "Fresh flowers should adorn every room in the house." 

"Women today are too busy to arrange fresh flowers," counters Artificial Floral designers. And the are right!






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