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LePOT-A Giant Autonomous Mobile Flower Pot

K-Team S.A. has used their robotics experience to animate a giant autonomous mobile huge flower pot (LePOT) on top of the Lakeside Technical College of Neuchatel (CPLN).  Conceived by the Gruppo GPM, a group of local artists, the "moving flowerpot" concept was chosen as winner of a contest held to "beautify" the roof of the central building of CPLN.

LePOT is 2 meters in diameter and 3 meters high, with a 23m carbon-fibre mast designed to sway aesthetically in the breeze.  It weighs over 600kg and moves at a blinding 6 metres per hour, completely solar powered!  LePOT has 2 drive wheels and ten short-range infrared sensors, controlled by K-Team's Kameleon board running a genetically-evolved Braitenberg neural network.

LePOT's summer hours of operation are daily from 9am to 3pm, and you can see an animated GIF video of the pot in action here.

Can't believe your eyes?  Just have to have a pot of your own for the home or office?  With extensive experience in robotics and control projects, K-Team S.A. can help you realize your own project!

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