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Plant a Smile on Mom

Show Mom your appreciation this Mother's Day with a gift that will keep on giving all year long. Say thank you for all of her hard work and devotion with something that will be a perpetual reminder of your love and gratitude. Why not say, "I love you" with a plant this Mother's Day?

Plants are an ideal gift as they have blooming potential for months and even years after they are given. Among the most popular Mother's Day plants are gardenias, hydrangeas and mini roses. Here are some tips to help ensure that your plant has a long and vibrant life:

* Place your plant in an area where it will receive ample sunlight such as a window with eastern or southern exposure.

* Ensure that you do not locate your plant in a draft or over a heat source such as a radiator, refrigerator or television.

* When watering, wet the soil thoroughly allowing the excess water to drain from the drain holes of the pot. Do not water the leaves of the plant directly.

* Use fertilizer only when the plant is in a stage of actively growing new leaves or buds.

* When your plant has outgrown its pot, you can move it into a larger planter or an outside garden.

These simple steps will allow Mom to enjoy her plant to the fullest long into the future.



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