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Mother's Day Chocolate Clay Roses

Figure A

Figure B

Every mother's day we use to ofer flowers and sweets to our lovely moms. A clever idea is to ofer those two in one gift. Give to your mom a sweet bouquet of chocolate roses! (figure A)

How can you get it? Simply do it yourself!

Here is a special recipe for making chocolate clay and sculpting deliciously elegant chocolate roses.

Chocolate Clay


2 oz. corn syrup
10 oz. hobby chocolate


  1. Melt the chocolate in microwave.
  2. Add the corn syrup to the chocolate, and mix well.
  3. Let the mixture set in the refrigerator at least 24 hours before using.


  • If chocolate clay appears sticky, knead it until the corn syrup is mixed in.
  • This mixture can be stored for up to two weeks.

Rose Sculpting

Materials: chocolate clay


  1. Roll out 10, 1" balls from the chocolate clay.
  2. With the first ball, form a cone shape. This will be the center of the rose.
  3. Flatten the remaining nine balls of chocolate. These will be the petals.
  4. Shape each flattened "petal" to the cone-shaped center until the rose takes shape (figure B). Make the rose bigger by making larger chocolate clay balls.

Tip: For colored roses, use white chocolate in the clay recipe and tint using food coloring.





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