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 Flower Messages

We know that sometimes finding the right words is just as hard as finding the right flowers. We have prepared a few samples for you to use, or to get you started. Simply click a category from the list above, and then you 'll find a saying that is most appropriate for your occasion. 


I remember our wedding day. You were standing on my foot during the ceremony. Happy Anniversary.
Another anniversary. Another wonderful year spent with one another.
I want to send you flowers every day that we're married - not just on our anniversary. But do you know how much that would cost? (Just kidding).
The anniversaries pass quickly. Our love will always stay.
These flowers may die. Our love never will. Happy Anniversary.
These flowers will last into the next millennium. As long as they make you think of me. Happy Anniversary.
My heart says I love you. Happy Anniversary.
I love you. There. I said it. Happy? Happy Anniversary.
Marriages are like flowers - some lovely blooming times, the occasional thorny problem, and the knowledge that you'll never leaf each other.
You are my garden of earthly delights. I love you very much.
To me you are more than significant. You are everything.
This day means a great deal to you. You mean a great deal to me.


God has touched your years with the same loving brush that he used to paint these delicate blossoms. Happy Birthday my love.
Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you. Who did you expect? Shakespeare?
Your birthday reminds me that my biological clock is ticking.
Sorry I forgot your birthday. I'm in hot water. Put these flowers into cold water.
I was going to go to Holland to get you fresh flowers, but things just clicked. Happy Birthday.
You've waited a year for this bouquet. Next time I'll remember to plant the seeds sooner. Happy Birthday.
I can't ever forget your birthday. It's the same day that golf was invented.
Don't think I forgot your birthday. I was just waiting for these flowers to blossom.
Today may be your birthday, but I bless every day we share.
To me you are more than significant. You are everything.


There aren't words to express your loss. Draw consolation from us all.
The fond memories you have should comfort you in this most difficult time. We share your sense of loss.


Best wishes on your new job. How long is your resume now, eight pages?
Congratulations on your new job. Now that moron will stop hitting on you.
You have made us all exceedingly proud. We love you very much.






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