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 Flower Messages

We know that sometimes finding the right words is just as hard as finding the right flowers. We have prepared a few samples for you to use, or to get you started. Simply click a category from the list above, and then you 'll find a saying that is most appropriate for your occasion. 

Valentine's Day

A rose by any other name would still cost as much as I just spent on these.
Loving you is easier with every passing day.
To my Valentine: My secret love for you has bloomed with each passing day.
Having you in my life gives meaning to everything. Happy Valentine's Day.
I love you a bunch! Happy Valentine's Day.
Roses are red. IBM is blue. Web stocks are blooming. And my love is too.
These aren't just flowers. Consider them a tender offer for your love.
To my world wide love: Happy Valentine's Day.
If these flowers start to wilt put some Viagra into the vase.
To my secret Valentine: I can't tell you who I am. I can tell you that I love you.
Hoping these flowers touch you the way you have touched me. Happy Valentine's Day.
If you don't be my Valentine It will massacre my heart.


What's beautiful and smells? Your baby and these flowers!
Why does it take ten billion sperm to fertilize one egg? Because none of them will ask for directions! Congratulations.
Can you believe what you were carrying around for nine months? Congratulations and best wishes.
Congratulations on making the world one person nicer.
A new baby reminds us how incredibly miraculous life really is. Much love.

Bar Mitzvah

I have enjoyed watching you bloom.
You have made us all exceedingly proud. We love you very much.
As you proceed along the road of life, take the time to smell the roses. Start with these.
You are my garden of earthly delights. I love you very much.
To me you are more than significant. You are everything.
This day means a great deal to you. You mean a great deal to me.


May the love and joy you feel today last a whole life through.
God bless you on this holy day.


It is the season of rebirth and renewal for the world. May you share in the Spirit of Easter.






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