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 Flower Messages

We know that sometimes finding the right words is just as hard as finding the right flowers. We have prepared a few samples for you to use, or to get you started. Simply click a category from the list above, and then you 'll find a saying that is most appropriate for your occasion. 


It's a great big world out there. Enjoy it.
May the wind always be at your back. Bon Voyage.
I know you'll have a great time out there. I'll still miss you. Bon Voyage.
I hope your outbound trip is long and wonderful. And the journey home to me, a quick one.
These flowers smell. So do you. Lose my number. Goodbye.
I hope you are allergic to flowers. Goodbye.



Significant Other

I couldn't imagine living without you at my side. I love you very much.


If you are going to throw this bouquet, remember to remove the vase first.
They say marriage is an institution. How many institutions have such nice flowers?
May every day be as beautiful as the flowers were today.






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