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Collecting flowers for drying

Flowers and other plant materials for drying should be picked close to their prime. Flowers to be air-dried continue to open as they dry; therefore such flowers should not be fully open at picking. Never place wilted flowers into drying mixtures.

Flowers or leaves for drying may be collected at any time during the growing season from early spring until late fall. Always collect more material than is needed, to allow for damage. Use only the most perfect forms. Poor shapes dry as poor shapes. Use only plants and flowers free of insect and disease damage. Damage becomes only more obvious after drying. Pick flowers when they are free of dew or rain. Place stems promptly in a container of water to prevent wilting while gathering.

It is sometimes difficult to develop graceful lines when making dried flower arrangements. Therefore, while collecting, look for branches and stems with sweeping curves or lines that will add distinctiveness to the arrangement. If none can be found, curves or other lines can be made by shaping the branches or stems into the desired positions while they dry.

In addition to flowers, stems and leaves that may be dried indoors, there are many materials that can be collected in the fall and used almost directly in arrangements after gathering. These include many seed pods, cones, grain, grasses and berries found in the garden as well as in fields and roadsides.

Environmental Concerns of Harvesting Wild Materials

Nature's bounty is all around us. Our woods, fields, prairies and seashores harbor a wealth of flowers, dried flower heads, seed pods, cones and berries that are often regarded as going to waste. The temptation, therefore, is to collect in quantity to satisfy markets removed by urbanization from these native stands. Although profitable, such collecting may not always be in the best interest of conservation

With the rampant spread of our urban enviroments, far more plants are destroyed by development than by collection. This fact, however, does not give license to collectors. It should be remembered that all land belongs to someone and so do the plants growing there. Collectors of cut and/or dried flowers must carefully examine the issues surrounding removing plant material from the wild for commercial markets.







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