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Dried Calendar for children

This is an example of this year's calendar, which brought together our work about nature.

If you would like to make one here are the instructions.

  1. Organise a walk through a local nature reserve or parkland and collect lots of leaves, seeds, grasses etc. Our children were asked to collect on a theme of autumn colours. The examples were sorted and classified into red, orange, brown, green and yellow. The children were given resource cards with double sided sticky tape on which to collect their samples. Extra were collected and pressed for our calendar.

  2. We dried slices of fruits and vegetables in an oven on a low heat, or 5 minutes in a microwave on defrost then a few days in an airing cupboard. This was part of a science activity observing the changes in fruit before and after drying.
  3. We bought "calendar tabs" from a stationery supplier.
  4. The children then assembled these materials together on card using a low temperature glue gun to make a decorative collage.




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