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Find out how to take the best care of the Flowers and Plants that you may bring home from our store. Some helpful hints from our flower doctor are listed below.

Winter Pansy Care

Pansies are by far the most popular winter landscape annual. If properly planted and maintained, they will have minimum problems while performing all winter long. Just to remember to deadhead the old flowers once in a while. This saves energy for the plant by stopping seed production. Also, think about adding a little fertilizer around the 1st part of February to help stimulate growth and flower production by March. Once active growth begins plan on fertilizing about once a month.

Houseplant Care Waiting For Summer

Many of us are itching to haul our houseplants outdoors, where they can really thrive. This is great for your plants since they will get better air circulation, light exposure, and humidity than they did during those dull winter months. A word of precaution: Wait until the weather is consistently warm (days and nights) before bringing out your houseplants. Many of these are tropical plants that can be damaged at temperatures under 40-45 degrees. Don't immediately move plants into full sunlight. Initially, find a shady place for the first day or two, gradually easing them into filtered sunlight. If the plant likes high light intensities, the move to full sunlight should take from 10 days to two weeks. If you find that plant foliage is bleaching, fading, or burning, move the plant back into filtered sunlight, and allow another week for it to adjust.

Replanting Houseplants

This is an excellent time of year to re-pot plants that are potbound and have outgrown their current container. Don't skimp on potting soil quality. It's all these plants have to live and thrive in. To ensure that the product you purchase is good stuff, buy from nurseries and garden centers. Take time to actually look inside bags, feeling the texture of the potting mix. A good all-purpose mix should be light, well-draining, and moisture retentive. It should have a nice earthy smell, and no strong odors. There are special mixes for cacti and succulents, orchids, etc. that you can purchase for plants with specific soil requirements. If your plants have been happy, use whatever is working for you.

Water And Fertilize Those Houseplants

Since your houseplants will be going into their active growing stage in the spring, water and fertilizer are important. Water plants when the top few inches of soil are dry. Make sure water is draining through the drainage hole in the bottom of the pot. If you use pot saucers, make sure plants don't stand in water for more than 15-20 minutes. For most plants, water soluble fertilizers should be used every two-three weeks per label recommendations.







Is your flower sick?

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Allow our flower doctors to answer any question pertaining to the care of your Valentine floral creations' floral arrangements, cut flowers or plants. We take great pride in being a learning resource that gives you, our customer, the confidence you need to keep your flowers or plants beautiful. Contact us and we will be happy to respond to your question in a timely fashion. Thank you for your interest in
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