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Find out how to take the best care of the Flowers and Plants that you may bring home from our store. Some helpful hints from our flower doctor are listed below.

Avoiding Root Damage

Whenever you have two or more plants growing next to one another, pulling up the unwanted plants may seriously damage the root system of the plant you want to keep. In this situation, it is best to cut down, rather than pull up, the offenders. On large weeds or trees, you may have to cut off new growth several times before the offending growth dies for good. With seedlings, thin with scissors. Once will do it.

How can I clean my artificial flowers easily?   

Clean artificial flowers by enclosing them in a paper bag with some salt or cornmeal (which will work as an abrasive) and then shaking the bag vigorously. Note: This works best with strong rather than very delicate flowers

Hot Weather Watering

Water constitutes 90 percent or more of a plant's weight. Many plants become dormant during extremely hot weather, but still need water to survive. To make the most of the water, avoid devices that send the water up rather than out. The best water-saving methods water the ground, not the air. These include soaker hoses, trenches, and low-level sprinklers. Water in the morning. Midday sun on wet foliage can cause burned leaves and ruined flowers. Watering at night promotes leaf spot and mildew. Overhead watering, while the easiest way to cover large areas, is the most wasteful.


How can you care for kentia plants

These plants do not have a multitude of fronds - the few they produce create an elegant airy look. The fronds themselves are long and finger-like, and bend downward gracefully. They last for many years and are durable, though like most palms cannot tolerate severe dryness or continual over watering.Spotting on the upper leaves can sometimes mean it is in too bright a light, or there is an excess of certain chemicals in the water (fluoride). These plants are well worth the investment.Remove lower leaves as they discolor. If due to incorrect watering, the tips of the leaves become brown. If this happens, trim to the shape of the leaf.

Naturalizing Bulbs

Many bulbs are suitable for naturalizing. Generally, these are bulbs planted in areas that receive minimal maintenance, such as wildflower gardens. Or if you have a grassy area that can be left without mowing until summer, you have a good place for naturalizing bulbs. As in maintained areas, the foliage must not be cut until it has completely dried. The proper planting method is to scatter, or broadcast, the bulbs and plant them wherever they land.

Avoiding Lopsider Window Plants

If you don't take the precaution to rotate each plant in your window garden every few days, you'll wind up with a bunch of lopsided plants come spring. Plants in an indoor setting with a single source of sunlight are naturally going to grow toward it. It is in their best interest, and yours if you like your plants on the symmetrical side, to rotate them 180 degrees every few days.







Is your flower sick?

Ask the Flower doctor. Click on the image.

Allow our flower doctors to answer any question pertaining to the care of your Valentine floral creations' floral arrangements, cut flowers or plants. We take great pride in being a learning resource that gives you, our customer, the confidence you need to keep your flowers or plants beautiful. Contact us and we will be happy to respond to your question in a timely fashion. Thank you for your interest in
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