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Simple Gardening Tips from the Experts to Help Beginner Gardeners Take Much from Joys of Gardening

Are you a garden buff but still on a starting level, and you need some good gardening tips? Let these simple tips from the experts to help you make your gardening days more enjoyable while creating a beautiful garden.

Enjoy your shovel more than ever

Since you'll be shoveling most of the time, your shovel should not be of something that would make it difficult for you. Use a non-stick shovel by spraying it with a Teflon or Silicon lubricant. A non-stick shovel will easily slip off soil making shoveling breezier.

Create a garden portfolio

Your portfolio as a gardener will show off your gardening skills. Take photos of your garden, note down plant's varieties, where each is planted in your garden area and include the date when it is planted. You don't need to use expensive portfolio materials and cheap scrapping papers are good substitutes. An organized and neat gardener's portfolio can speak well of your garden.

Keep planting pots/planters lighter

Stay away from the strains of lifting heavy pots and planters by filling each pot at least one third to one half full with packing peanuts. Use a landscape fabric to line the top layers of your packing peanuts and for each layer to make it lighter. Using a mix of peat moss and vermiculite is also a good way to lighten pots and planters.

Transport plants neat and easy

Gardening is not like online games that you can play without leaving your comfort zone. You have to go to the nursery to buy plants and gardening accessories. To avoid spilled plants and messy car, line the back of your car with plastic tarpaulin and on top of it, place small steps ladder. Place fragile plants from the nursery on the slots between the rungs of the ladder to secure them while driving back home.

Restrict aggressive plants with ease

Garden variety of Gooseneck loosestrife in pink, yellow and purple provide cool ground cover however; it tends to be a bit aggressive and may overcome parts of your garden. Planting aggressive plants like this in plastic container helps make it easier to cut its bottom roots and direct it to grow on the soil instead. Make sure to cut back the spent racemes and trim the stems at least within two inches of the ground. Gooseneck loosestrife attracts butterflies so dot pieces around your landscape to enjoy some cool butterflies show.

Make your rain gauge easy to read

Rain gauge is a common garden decorative accessory however it's not its main purpose. It measures how much water your garden received from the last storm. It helps track daily, weekly and monthly rainfall history. To make it easy to read at a glance, add some drops of food coloring on the bottom and when the next rain comes, the water will combine with it. The bright color will help it easier to read the water level.

Quick fix for root-bound plants

If you see roots coming out of the pot, it could mean your plant is root-bound. A quick fix is to remove the plants from the pot and rub the outside of the roots to untangle them. You can also make vertical cuts on the root ball with a knife or pull the roots apart. Transfer it back to the pots after totally loosing off the roots.

Using landscape fabrics to protect flowerbeds

Landscape fabric is a good option if you don't want weeds to run rampant on your flowerbeds or if you hate pulling them. Landscape fabrics or weed fabrics serve as clean and durable weed barriers while permitting water, air and nutrients to penetrate the soil.

These gardening tips from the experts will not only allow you to enjoy the joys of gardening but in creating beautiful spaces around your home as well.



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Simple Gardening Tips from the Experts to Help Beginner Gardeners Take Much from Joys of Gardening



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