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Internet love

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Can a man and a woman fall in love on the Internet?

John discovers Jane's Website while surfing the net. John signs Jane's Guestbook, and then Jane turns around and visit's John's Website. Next thing you know John and Jane start up a E-mail pen-pal relationship. Eventually, they are writing each other by e-mail four times a week. The more they write each other, the more they grow to like each other. Also, the beautiful website photos of each other get burned into the minds of John & Jane. The photo of Jane in her Tight Shorts and Tank Top is burned into John's Mind, and the photo of John dressed in a tuxedo, and well groomed, is burned into Jane's Mind so that they both begin to feel a romantic attraction towards one another. Eventually, they decide its time to declare their love for each other, and they do. But then comes the big event--PERSONAL CONTACT.
Jane waits for John at the airport. As John comes off the plane and greets Jane, he all of a suddden sees that his "Physical Attraction" for Jane is not as strong as it was before. What has happened is that John and Jane's BODY CHEMESTRY have squared off for the very first time, and his chemestry and her chemestry are a lot different from each other. They spend about 2 weeks of quality time together. During this time, John learns a lot of things about Jane, particularly negative qualities that takes away from his original image of her. These are things that are often "Filtered Out" by cyberspace and the phone lines. And with Jane, it's visa versa. At the end of the two weeks, John catches a plane for home. When he walks in the door of his home, his bachelor roomate asks, "How was your fantasy vacation with the love of your life?" John replies, "It's over!"

You see, what has happened is this, both John and Jane had both fallen in love with "Idealistic Images" of each other that they had burned into their minds and not the "Real John & Jane" they each met at the airport.

It is possible to develop feelings for someone else hundreds of miles away, on the internet, even "Fall in love." I know because I have done it myself. But what people often fall in love with on the other end of Cyberspace are "Idealistic Images" which they have burned into their minds, stirring up their own body chemistry. But when personal contact is finally made, those idealistic images are completely shattered. There have been rare instances where a man and a woman have felt the same way about each other after they have made personal contact, and the relationship has gone all the way to the altar. But, instances of this sort or VERY RARE! Why? because too much about another person is FILTERED OUT BY CYBERSPACE. In short, a man and a woman in an Internet relationship should never put their eggs in one basket until they have made personal contact with each other and have spent at least 1 or 2 weeks of quality time with each other. If at the end of the 1 or 2 weeks, they have the same feelings for one another, then they can announce to the world that they are in love. But again, those instances are very rare.




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Internet love

Can a man and a woman fall in love on the Internet?
You can't fall in love with a website.
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Internet love affairs: playing it safe


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